The core belief of Lucky 20 Productions is that Art Will Save the World. We began our journey in 2010 by providing free theatre at The Betsy Stage in Denver, Colorado. The community support for our Shakespearian adaptations packed the house and earned rave reviews. In 2014, we decided to expand our theatre portfolio with The Bitsy Stage, a family friendly theatre celebrating original adaptations of international folktales - once again at no cost to the community!


Our love for accessible free art for all lead us to explore uplifting endeavors around the world, and these projects were so uplifting and inspiring that we have dedicated a website as a compendium of projects that share our core belief....Art WILL Save the World.

Art Will Save the World is a love based project of Lucky 20 Productions. It reflects our belief that art has the incredible power to inspire and uplift the hearts of all people. Beyond that, art has a tangible positive impact on economies, improving people's standard of living and broadening their horizons. Explore, be inspired, get involved.


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The Betsy Stage was created in 2010 with the purpose of adapting classic Shakespearian works to today's world. It's Shakespeare spiked, if you will. We are a group of hard working, dedicated and talented people with the innate need to put on our best show possible.

We strive to provide high quality, economically accessible (they’re free!) theatrical productions to children. By adapting international folktales, we wish to show our audiences that people all over the world have much in common while celebrating the differences that make our world so rich.


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